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UAE Services Launch

January 1, 2020Company News


UAE Services Launch

January 1, 2020 Company News

Mainland Express, is a Branch of Mainland Logistics which is a U.S. Established Logistics Company. We seek the pleasure of serving e-commerce companies as their last mile delivery providers in the Dubai/Abu Dhabi Markets.

To understand where our expertise is coming from, we were incepted in the US and proudly serves as a DSP of a giant E-commerce company out of the Miami DMI3 Delivery station. We were fortunate to be amongst the top 5 out of 100,000 applicants.

DMI3 is one of our client’s largest and busiest delivery station.Our proven track of experience in dealing with the latest logistics technology and systems, constant change, volume rising expectations and commitment to customer satisfaction set us apart from any other DSP (Delivery Service Providers). Our expertise made us expand in the UAE!